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Haven Fire and Safety, in partnership with Checkmate Fire Solutions, provide PROTECTION TO BUSINESS CONTINUITY THROUGHOUT THE ARABIAN GULF with effective passive fire system solutions.

If not properly addressed, the issue of building fire zone integrity degradation can have catastrophic effects.

Problem: The fire protection installed in high value buildings of strategic importance will often only meet the minimum requirements of the Building regulations. This minimum specification, only to comply with the need to evacuate the building, will then be compromised by the fitting of cabling and other building services. Contractors will sometimes “make good” using products that do not reinstate fire integrity.

Solution: Having surveyed the building, all damaged fire and acoustic separation is reinstated using fire and acoustic tested products to the required specification. In addition, fire protection in areas of strategic importance can be upgraded.

Retrotec air leakage equipment and software is used to test and certify Comms room enclosures and other areas of great strategic importance

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