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Throughout the region, an ever increasing demand for reliable water supplies has meant an rise in the number of plants and facilities. Desalination Plants, Pumping Stations and improved infrastructure provide 24 hour supply to the growing requirement for clean water, improved sewage and downtime due to a fire in any of these facilities is a risk to be avoided.

Haven Fire & Safety provide a range of Protection systems for Water Management facilities safeguarding risk areas such as Chemical Stores, Transformer rooms, Pumping Stations, Control rooms, including:

  • Fully integrated Fire, Gas and Safety Systems
  • Bulk Low and High pressure CO2 Fire Suppression Systems
  • Portable Gas testing
  • Enclosure Integrity Testing
  • Water and Foam Deluge Systems
  • Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems for Control Rooms and Switchgear
  • In-Panel Fire Protection for Control Rooms and Substations
  • Portable & Wheeled Fire Extingusihers
  • Fire Pumps