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Harsh environments, flammable liquids, high temperatures and pressures present real risks to Heavy Vehicles.

These high value machines, used in mining, quarrying, construction and other heavy industries are exposed to high stresses every day and any resulting fire from a failed component or flammable liquid can lead to a significant financial impact through loss and downtime.

Haven Fire & Safety offer a range of specialist Heavy Vehicle suppression technologies that can limit the potential for damage and minimise downtime casued by a fire, keeping your operation running. The following systems offered by Haven Fire & Safety, are fully tested and approved by 3rd party international approval bodies to the highest standards;

  • State of the Art Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems for engine & hydraulic areas
  • Portable & Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
  • In-Panel Fire Protection for Electrical areas
  • Fuel Tank Protection Systems
  • Foam proportioning equipment
  • Large Industrial Dry Chemical Systems
  • CCTV and multi spectrum flame detection systems for fuel depots
  • System Refilling & Refurbishing