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Signaline is a new range of linear detection systems providing solutions for fire, water and cold gas leak detection. Our linear detectors are 100% manufactured in the UK and have a wide range of third party approvals from both international organisations and local bodies, all of which testify to the high quality of the products. Currently our three brands are SignalineHEAT, SignalineWater and SignalineCOLD.

SignalineHEAT Linear Heat Detection is designed to be used in commercial and industrial fire detection systems. Our cables detect heat anywhere along their length and are compatible with both addressable and conventional systems. SignalineHEAT Linear Heat Detection is ideal for a wide range of applications. Our cables are split into two ranges; the VdS approved Signaline HD analogue system and the UL/FM approved Signaline FT fixed temperature cables. Common applications include car parks, tunnels, cable trays, conveyors and warehousing. SignalineHEAT Linear Heat Detection can also be used in intrinsically safe areas making it suitable for hazardous applications as well.

Offering a new approach to water detection, SignalineWATER Water Leak Detection is a low cost and effective way to detect the ingress of water into unwanted areas. Like all Signaline Linear Detectors our SignalineWATER Water Leak Detector will sense anywhere along its length. The SignalineWATER WDM-KM module can monitor up to 1,000m of SignalineWATER Water Leak Detector and is easily interfaced with BMS and other control systems.

SignalineCOLD Gas Leak Detection is specifically designed to provide a highly sensitive and reliable solution for monitoring sudden leakage of liquefied (cryogenic) gas. Such leaks have the potential to cause sudden catastrophic damage. Using unique patented technology SignalineCOLD Gas Leak Detection offers safety practitioners a completely new line of defense against cryogenic gas leaks. SignalineCOLD Gas Leak Detection is an approved intrinsically safe detection method making it particularly suited to the liquefied natural gas industry including LNG storage vessels, equipment and pipelines.

LGM Products was formed in 1988 on the foundation of delivering quality products with exceptional service. Partnering with Haven Fire & Safety they are able to continue to deliver the highest quality of service within the UAE with a fully trained and approved engineering resource.